For people and planet

The Intro.


To foster Ecological Literacy.

1. To host an annual 10km Awareness Run on 26 July
2. To kick-start and sustain Eco Restoration Projects





SAVE THE MANGROVES For people and planet

Mangroves are more than just trees and swamps. They are our very roots, the foundation of our culture and livelihood. Their destruction is not just the loss of nature, but more importantly, the loss of our ability to survive. Save the mangroves. #SaveNigeriaMangroves

Mangroves are critical in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 13 (climate action), SDG 14 (life underwater) and SDG 15 (life on land). Moreover, people in 128 countries and territories, including Nigeria, depend directly on mangroves for products like wood, fish, periwinkle, crabs, shrimps, clams, and medicines, which are essential to their livelihoods, food security, and nutrition. Mangroves stabilize shorelines, reduce flooding, and mitigate other natural disasters by lessening waves and wind. They are some of the most efficient carbon sinks known in nature, thus they are indispensable in the fight against climate change.

As home to Africa’s largest and world’s fourth-largest Mangrove forest, Nigeria has a high stake in the world’s Mangrove Ecosystems. The entire gulf of Guinea benefits from the Nigeria Mangrove forest in terms of food security, jobs/income and conflict mitigation.

However, this gift of nature is faced with unprecedented threats arising from Man’s actions. Oil pollution, deforestation, overexploitation and threats from invasive species are some of the environmental challenges facing the Nigeria Mangroves. Therefore, to perpetuate the Mangroves into the future, environmental literacy/awareness must be provided. This will provide the knowledge and motivation for people to act for the conservation and protection of Mangroves. People care when they know. And with caring comes action. The #SaveNigeriaMangroves Campaign aims to awakenthe public conscience to act and to pursue environmental stewardship. The campaign opens discus on the WHY and HOW to SAVE THE MANGROVES.It also provides the much needed platform for stakeholders to take action. The Campaign is being carried out through ECO-RESTORATION and ADVOCACY.

  1. ECO-RESTORATION. PLANT A MANGROVE PROJECT-Mangrove Restoration for livelihood and Climate Action.

The key to any environmental restoration, protection and conservation is AWARENESS. We are driving this awareness through:

  • Mangrove Marathon, an annual awareness run to engender environmental stewardship across the Niger Delta, Nigeria and Africa at large in a fun and engaging way. It gets the youth engaged, contributes to sports and tourism development while boosting local economies of host city/State.
  • MangroveXpo (Mangrove Exposition)

PHOTO EXHIBITIONS, TALKS and BOOK TOURS. People care when they know. When they know, they act. The greatest enemy to CONSERVATION is ignorance. We counter this by educating people using our preferred tool of choice-PHOTOGRAPHY. Documentary photography has made it possible for us to narrate the beauty, resources and vulnerability of the Mangrove Ecosystems and to kick start conversations on the WHY and HOW to save the Mangroves. In our Mangrove Exposition tool-box is the book MAN AND MANGROVES-AN ENVIRONMENTAL AWAKENING.

#SaveNigeriaMangrovespromises to secure the future of our Mangrove Heritage. In the meantime, it will provide jobs, engage the youths, grow our tourism potentials and protect our rich Biodiversity; a win-win for people and planet Earth.