Black Soot Plague Project

#BlackSootPlague Project

#BlackSootPlague is an awareness and sensitization project that employs photography and poetry to appeal to reasons and emotions for a sustainable and habitable environment shared by all. The aim is to galvanize change in behavior and policies

Pollution has been a constant in the Niger Delta since the early days of oil exploration. But never has it been of this scale and extent, and never has the threat of ecocide been this real as we are constantly drenched in slick and soot.This is our reality. The project #BlackSootPlague will be a poignant portrait of the environmental quagmire in the Niger Delta as captured through Photography and Poetry. As a body of work from different intellectual sources, it will offer a unique and holistic perspective on the issues.


Photography and Poetry are a perfect blend

To bind our wounds as we bare our souls

The project kicks off with Photography and Poetry Challenge (#BlackSootPlague-Photography and Poetry Challenge).

Entries must be original and unpublished works. They are tocapture the reality of environmental pollution and other issues relating to oil exploration/exploitation in the Niger Delta and how residents grapple with the spin-off challenges. Entries could be used for promotional purposes only.

From the pool of entries, a jury team will choose which images/poems qualify for the draw. Prizes (smart phones, smart watches, and Branded T-shirts) are to be given to winners. Chosen images/Poems will be published in the Coffee table bookBLACK SOOT PLAGUE-AN S.O.S which will launch on World Earth Day 2022.


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