Plant A Mangrove Project

In the face of climate emergency, mangroves offer one of nature’s best solutions. They protect coastal settlements, mop-up atmospheric carbon 5-10 more than terrestrial forests and are home to some of our planet’s most endangered species.

They provide food, income and medicine to millions of people all over the world. Nigeria is blessed with this gift of nature, hosting the fourth largest in the world. Sadly, we are losing this Heritage at an alarming and unprecedented rate through poor management and fossil pollution. We believe we can change  this narrative by mobilizing stakeholders within the landscape (local communities, IOCs, Local Government, State Government, etc) and outside the landscape (Federal Government, NGOs, foreign donors, research institutes, etc) in restoring the mangrove ecosystems in the Niger Delta. Thus the #PlantAMangrove Project, involving the planting of Mangrove trees, aims to reverse the degradation and depletion of the Mangrove Ecosystem in Nigeria. This is to rebuild the ecology and enhance people’s lives.